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IAOS brings your voice to legislators on scope of practice, profession liability reform, payor & payment issues, the business of medicine and many other regulatory challenges that affect our profession.


2022 Update

Excessive prior authorizations (PA) imposed by Illinois insurers are on the rise. This consumes physicians and their practices time and money while often adversely impacting patient care. IAOS is working with the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) and other stakeholders to reduce the incidence of unnecessary, illogical and burdensome prior authorizations through legislation.

Our goal is to bring much more transparency to the PA process by imposing timelines on PA decisions; limiting the need for multiple PA requests for management of chronic conditions; ensuring that PA requirements are based on clinically valid, evidence-based criteria; and reducing the number of services subject to prior authorization. Excessive and unnecessary PAs are time-consuming and disruptive to quality patient care, and cause physicians to lose passion for their profession. 

IAOS leaders have been instrumental in advocating strongly for enforcement measures that require workers’ compensation insurers pay our bills on time, and if not, to pay the statutorily-defined late fees. Prior to passage of important legislation in 2018, there was nothing that actually required insurers to pay workers’ compensation bills, resulting in many bills simply going unpaid. Additionally, IAOS has been actively involved in the rulemaking process that requires insurers to issue explanation of benefits (EOB) statements to providers within 30 days of not paying an otherwise clean bill and explaining why the bill is not being paid. Thanks to IAOS’ advocacy, the law now requires insurers to issue such EOBs, and the rulemaking will finalize enforcement measures to insure compliance.

The names and contact information for members of the Illinois General Assembly and United States Congress can be found below: